Wednesday, July 29, 2015

happy happy 4th birthday EZ Red!!

Four! Such a great age! I feel like he's grown at least 4 inches in the past year and he has these long, slender chicken legs that are so cute and amazing. He plays pretend all day every day and is often a baby dinosaur, or a baby dragon, or a rescue bot transformer, or some other thing that caught his interest that day. He talks non-stop and gets super rough & tumble when he's crazy hyper (and often hurts himself or his brother when he's like that and it drives his parents nuts.) He loves watching shows too much sometimes, but also is invested in the characters and I think sort of thinks of them as real friends. He has a voice that he uses just when he's talking to Sully & it's like 3 octaves higher than his normal voice. "Suwwy, you want to play wiff me?! Oh Suwwy baby you're so cuuuuute! Suwwy! Stop touching me please!"

We're celebrating in the state of Washington on a road trip today with donuts and rescue bots and a trip to the Seattle aquarium and a ride on a ferry boat. It should be a big first day as a four year old! We also had a Super Birthday Party last weekend with 12 of his cousins/friends that was wild & fun. Kid parties are so much work, but hey! He was happy and I guess that's the whole point.

He exhausts us almost every day with questions and neediness and love, but it's good exhaustion. He acts like a text book first child and I hope we're not too hard on him. I know we are, but we're trying. And he's the first to ask if it's time to forgive or he'll be crying and mad and then say something like "MOM! We just need to HUG!" and then I like am so mad that I'm so mad and we all learn those important lessons of what's important. EZ is a socialite and loves having friends or cousins over all day long. He pays attention at library story time and is very invested in books & stories (and treasures them every night before bed - we even take them away when he needs discipline because it actually works because he loves them so much.) Most nights he asks for stories about castles or brave knights, and usually there is a dragon or dinosaur. He has the sweetest freckles all over his face & arms and still has wispy hair that is usually not styled (who has time?)

He is loving and mostly kind to Sully. At a fountain last week he wished for "a jedi costume" and "a little sister" because he often feels sad that he only has a brother when other people have sisters. He loves his grandparents and other family so much and talks about the next time he gets to see them. He is good at sharing and is cautious to try anything that appears too dangerous (like water slides or jumping off of things.) He thinks through situations before jumping blinding into anything, which can sometimes make him seem older than he is (and sometimes it holds him back from learning or accomplishing new skills.) But he'll try anything once we "put on his brave" and help him at least the first time or two, then he'll warm up to an activity and do it himself. He is constantly singing and makes up new songs all the time just because. He's a performer by nature it seems.

Oh EZ. We love you, you little knucklehead. I hope you feel loved & celebrated today!!!
(We're staying with DJ and Ces while we're near Seattle! It's fun to have more people to party with!)

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