Monday, June 8, 2015



so many of the pictures of them together have EZ squeezing Sully almost too hard. EZ lacks physical boundary awareness sometimes that we're working on (really though, he doesn't understand boundaries), and it's just so hard to resist such a squishy subject of your adoration. I mean, I get it.

Now that Sully can walk & hold his own in wrestling matches, these guys are sort of learning how to "play" a few times a day. EZ basically wants to Sully to leave him alone, and Sully just wants to be as close as possible to EZ... and sometimes it works and sometimes it backfires and everyone ends up crying. But they have "silly time" before bed and it's pretty darn silly & full of wrestling (which looks like it hurts to us, but they are both laughing so we just go with it.) I can see similarities popping up between then, but also can already sense some of the different ways in which they function & it's sort of like a hands on science experiment on how two species learn to get along. Fascinating stuff, this brotherhood.  

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