Monday, June 8, 2015

eight craaaazy nights (i mean, years)

Matt and I celebrated our 8th year anniversary back in April. We're just plowing through the years and it feels long and short all at once, but always really solid. Matt and I having been really working on making our relationship top priority because it's so easy for it to slip into "comfortable." We recently went to a couple's intimacy and pasison workshop and it was super fun. We learned a few new skills and even had some really intimate, sincere moments in a room full of 50 other people, so props to the teachers. We've amped our communication game up tenfold the last few years, and we're constantly working out the kinks (but willing and happy to do so... even when wading through the uncomfortable parts.) It's so nice to feel supported and wholly loved by one single person, and we're just trying not to take that for granted.

We were in Disneyland for our actual anniversary and since we had stellar babysitters with us & a fantastic hook-up from a friend, we dined at Club 33 that evening! It was SO fancy and fun and Matt's dreams were MADE. Mine too, actually! We tried not to geek out about everything and play it cool (I was very bad at this. Very. Like, potty jokes at the table and blushed cheeks at the waiter's attention bad.) The food was delicious (5 courses & it was fancy!), the Club feels very cozy and elite but not overly so, and it really did feel like a once in a lifetime special experience. I am so thankful Matt put it out into the universe and made it happen (like he so often does in life, because he's great. Ugh, so mushy but I just can't help it.)

And now some photos! Starting with the doorbell ;) And the beautiful new entrance (it's in New Orleans square.)
The courtyard, where they gave us cucumber water & hot towels for our face/hands. Matt's beard & stache fit in like a dream.
They even made our desserts extra fancy (notice the tiny chocolate ears! the details!) That one on the right is a chocolate molten cake with coffee ice cream and a burnt marshmallow on time with some chocolate ganache and also some orange marmalade too? It was INCREDIBLE (just like the whole evening.) Happy 8, Matticus!

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