Wednesday, April 8, 2015

oh, sullivan.

this baby.
 this baby of mine.
oh sully. he's just the freaking best. recently i've been obsessed with him more than my normal level of obsession. i go through phases like this with each of my children, where i can barely stop myself from eating their faces because i just am not sure i can live one more minute with their cute selves without eating them. it's such a physical reaction that words don't even seem powerful enough to explain the extremeness.

but yes. my sullivan. up until about 5 days ago, he was a caveman. he grunted and growled and roared, but wouldn't make any type of word sounds. he actually still hasn't said his first word, but is barely starting to form actual letter sounds as he babbles. just tonight he was trying to say "boom" with me and laughed hysterically at how silly it all was. like i was making it up that "boom" was a word. it's extremely cute, but the caveman grunts were also amazing. and his OH! he says OH! like it's going to save someone's life. it's ferocious and animated and almost always he's pointing up while he does it. his strawberry blonde hair is wispy but thick and compliments his ocean blue eyes and soft button nose. he still curls his toes most of the time & it makes putting shoes on him difficult.

he crawls like a gorilla still and climbs like one too, but does not seem ready to walk just yet (at least without a walker or hand hold.) he loves to try to sneak into the toilet water, likes to sit on the very top step of any staircase and scare the shiz out of us by bouncing up and down, and will climb anything in front of him. we've nearly found him on the bathroom and kitchen counters when we place a stool just so.

he naps usually twice a day, still wakes up at night too regularly, and has started to panic cry when i'm out of reach when he's tired in public. he seems to be very independent, will solo play for hours, and crawls around public places like he's never heard of germs. by the end of the day he's usually covered in a mixture of all things dirty and slimy and sticky. he lights up in public and around people and seems to be following his extroverted brother's example.

he's asleep right now, but i kind of want to go hug him and smother him like only his smother knows how. heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes.

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