Thursday, April 2, 2015

easter week

It's easy to get into the spirit of holidays when EZ is around. He lives for making crafts or decorations or things to put on his head. It's one of his love languages. And he commits to whatever character he's playing! Bouncing and grabbing a carrot and making a ftt ftt with his teeth all afternoon. He would not take them off for Costco later that day either, which went juuuuust fine with those delicious carrot cake cupcakes. And Sully couldn't get the headband off because it was pretty snug... which was just sort of a bonus for all of us. EZ drew the faces all by himself and decided he wanted blue everything instead of pink because "blue is just awesome, mom." You can even see the cotton ball tail peeping out on the one of Sully's profile.

And since blue is just awesome, we all wore it to church last Sunday. EZ can't help but grab Sullivan's head aggressively whenever he gets a chance. It's not always well received, but I'll always encourage it anyway. We got two weeks with our blooming magnolia out front this year and she was purty and lovely the whole time. Now she's nearly dead with brown, dead leaves everywhere... so I'm glad we snapped a few with her before her demise.
Cute, huh?

And then ten seconds later EZ was ripping his Sunday clothes off to get into something comfortable and getting in trouble for once again touching Sully's head too aggressively, this time with a sock.

We have three books on rotation about Easter and why we celebrate and it's helping include Christ in all our celebrations. We have a Holy Thursday dinner planned tonight to remember the last supper & the example of service Christ showed, and then a family date to paint some eggs. They've grown so much since last year I bet it can only become more fun each year!

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  1. i've been meaning to tell you that your hair is so dang good.