Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disneyland 2K15 uno

we spent 4 days at disneyland with some family two weeks ago and i can't stop thinking about it. this trip was everything good and magical and awesome. the boys matched clothes most days and that made it even bettah. and i will forever go to my grave saying how much i love the city select stroller. it's seriously the best. hands down. just like sully's face always, but especially during a parade. i'm sort of going out of order with posts and days and pictures because i need to gather it all up from phones and cameras etc, but i just wanted to start. 

look how my big boy turns into a sweet sweaty baby while sleeping right before the Pixar Parade. the boys took turns sleeping every single day and it was amazing. sullivan clapped all the time when he heard music, was super focused during the parades, and ez just kept waving and waving and hugging (and sometimes groping) all the characters. it was so magical.

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