Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disneyland 2K15 dos

the adventure park in california adventure is so great. what a nice escape from the noise and colors of the rest of the park. we spent one full evening in here and the boys were so happy. and it was so fun to have cousin Leo with us during the trip! cousins elevate the magic & the fun.  

and here's uncle Josh. we love this nerd and were lucky to have his presence with us during this trip. even when he poses ridiculously all the time, at least he gives the best shoulder rides to EZ and is a great roller coaster partner ;)
here is the whole group together! David and Carole and Josh came, then our two individual families with the boys (meg's sweet baby maggie rose stayed home.) it was so nice to share the magic with grandparents & uncle as well as have all the extra sets of hands (srsly, so freaking great.) next time we come we're bringing everyone though, because we missed our other people. those mickey light sabers from Bibi were the best things, thanks Carole!!  (also, last time EZ met lightning mcqueen he was so sick cutting molars... and tiny!)

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