Friday, February 13, 2015

northern utahns for 2 days

We spent the last 2 days together partying like a family and I liked it so much and was so excited about the pictures and the memory making that I just wanted to get it on the books right away. I think that's a sign of a good time eh eh.

We bought a new van and it's the best. It's a freaking transformer that opens when we push a button and it's leather and and has a DVD player and the works! Grown up stuff. So for it's initiation we packed it up and drove to northern Utah for the Dinosaur Park for a few hours before heading to Crystal Hot Springs for a hot soak. Matt kept referring to this as our redneck vacation and it's funny how much it came to fruition once it was out there... a bird even pooped on my head while we were soaking! EZ was pumped the whole time and Sully was just a sweet little thing. We stayed in a hotel in Layton so we could wake up and spend today on Antelope Island and EZ was SO FUNNY talking to people in the lobby area. "Hi! What's your name? Mine is EZ. My full name is EZ Red Forlup! My whole life is red!" hahaha. He started saying that once he realized his middle name was red and there were a lot of things in the world that are also red... so random huh?!? He's so funny and so random and always tells people all the details of what we're doing all the time & sort of has no boundaries in a very friendly way? We can't even count how many people he talked to over these 2 days.

Antelope Island was quiet and pretty and just so nice. And that Great Salt Lake! We'd never been (well, I went as a kid but a long time ago) and it really was great. We tried to do a hike but right when we were parking EZ started crying big crocodile tears and said "I feel sad because I'm so tired!" It was so sweet that he's like old enough to express himself (and he really looked very tired too.) So instead of a hike we drove around the island while he napped in the car for an hour. But once he woke up he was stoked to go to the beach, and by golly we were too! It's pretty! And it was so warm (like 50 degrees on this here February 12th. What up!) It was a really nice two days and we're so glad Matt's office decided to move buildings so he'd have a few extra days off work to party with us. We came home feeling refreshed and even have sun kissed faces to boot!

Sully is really into pointing at everything and it's awesome.
We stayed at the hot springs for 2 hours and even watched the sun set.
tatonkas! in the wild!
i think he turns back into a baby whenever he falls asleep.
what up ninja wagon! (you know, instead of our turtle wagon) oh, and SULLY'S FACE.

 aaaaaaaand scene.


  1. So Fun! I like you party people.
    Is that a Dodge?! We have a Dodge and it's, like, the sexiest van ever. Praise be minivans and their button operated doors!!

    1. I like you! It's the sister-wagon Town & Country! But equally as powerful and awesome!