Saturday, February 7, 2015

magic, zbrush, ctn: november 2014

Matt was invited to the CTN Conference back in November and I went with him for a little couple's trip! It was great to be together for 5 days straight with no tiny interruptions, but I didn't actually get "rested" because I don't actually like being away from my kids even when I do. It's so weird how conflicted it is.

We spent 2.5 days in Disneyland and for 2 of the days we were #twohandsin and didn't even take our phones with us. It was a strange existence not having a phone when everyone around you does... almost like a real live twilight zone (bless you, tower of terror!) It totally helped us stay invested in the present moment and also notice the massive amount of people around us. So many people! And do you know we didn't see one person we knew? Isn't that strange how many people we DON'T know?? We did give away some free popcorn vouchers to some solo parents who we admired for their patience and love toward their kids, and also schmoozed up to some employees to get better seats for World of Color. It was very festive since it was the week before Thanksgiving... but to be honest, we missed regular Disneyland. We wanted Disney songs not just Christmas ones, and with Frozen being completely nuts this past year, it was a little too Olaf-y sometimes. But! Then it snows as you're walking down Main street right after the fireworks and everyone is in the best mood and hugging and smiling and the love is palpable, and we just raise our fists to the sky and thank Walt for this magical place! Disneyland is equally as fun without kids, but less magical was our observation... so we're planning our next trip now that EZ can really be into it.

We got to walk around and tour Disney Animation Studios and it was SO COOL. That place really is sort of a dream (I mean, Hello Mr. Lasseter's office!) We got to walk around the lot afterward as well, and even snuck into an old underground tunnel Walt built to transfer water to the Animators easier. Oh, and I made Matt pose with every Disney Infinity stand we saw (in Disneyland and on the Lot!) It's a really cool time for Matt's job so we're living it up while it's riding high!

After two days in Anaheim we drove up to Burbank for the CTN Expo. Do you know when Matt and I road trip I often bring a book to read out loud to him? I think it's a pretty fun tradition, but also realize they created audio books for this reason. Ha. The CTN Expo was SUPER great. Matt gave two excellent live demos for the zBrush software & met SO many incredible artists. I hung around and gave social media pointers to the owner & spent time sneaking into panels and reading a book. It was just great. 

Pixologic (the company who created zBrush) invited Matt out to demo, and we're so grateful! It was such a cool opportunity for Matt & they even asked him to come out just last weekend (in Jan) for the 3D World Printer Expo! It's been an excellent relationship and we hope to keep it going in the future. Plus, Matt is like super talented and amazing and I want to kiss him all the time because I'm so proud. And then I want him to clean the bathroom because real life is important too ;)

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