Friday, February 27, 2015

happy birthday sullivan!!

One! Uno! We're so happy to celebrate our Sully bear! Right now he's tucked into his bed asleep in a cute new pair of jim jams hopefully sleeping off the sugar and the ear infections. Oh yeah, we went to the doctor's office today and he has a double ear infection (which explains his recent crankiness & terrible sleeping... we just thought he was cutting more teeth. sorry bubba!) 

EZ and I woke up early to go pick up some donuts & balloons and as soon as EZ heard a peep from Sully he ran in there and put all the balloons in the crib and it was a party! I love a morning face'd baby so much. And he loved his blueberry donut very much.
 Very much indeed, sweet sweet donut.
We hit up Dr. Pete's office, the pharmacy, and then Barnes & Noble to let him crawl around and chew on other people's germs. Babies are so gross.
After a 2nd nap and a bath, we invited the grandparents over for a few presents and some cakie cake. EZ wrapped the firetruck with me and thought it would be nice to include a "hose" which was really the wrapping paper tube and once Sully got a hold of it, he basically did not care one ounce for anything else. Which was fine, because EZ was more than happy to step in. Also, Sullivan has tentatively started using the walker &  it's purty cute. We want him to walk by April so we have one month to get this kid moving!
A homemade cake! He was mas o menos into it and mostly liked to poke the frosting.
Sully looks huge here! But I guess he's one now, so that's just how it happens. Goes by fast and slow all at once. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love you little bear! 

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