Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a difference of three months

I took the first handful of pictures back in November before Sullivan learned to crawl when he was a pathetic little worm. But that head against the reflection picture right there? This is what Sully does to people!! He loves to push his forehead against theirs and like has a moment with them and it's just about the sweetest thing. He does it to me all the time (especially when he's feeling shy) but he sure does know how to make people feel special with this weird little mind meld he does. It's amazing. This was also right after he had his first haircut so he looks so clean cut!

I took the rest of these photos today. Since his first birthday is this week I'm over here totally feeling nostalgic. It's so weird because we obviously love him so much and it's exciting he's getting big, but also I feel like I want to stop everything and gather more time to get to know him! I haven't blogged enough this past year which means I haven't been writing all of his wonderful and quirky qualities and milestones down anywhere, and so I just want more time to get to know him as he is right now. It's hard to be a 2nd child since the first one is such an attention hog (ahem... EZ breezy anyone?) So in a last ditch effort to write about his first year before it's officially over, here are a few #sullybear fun facts. 

He likes to hold the bottle himself and will NOT take it if it's cold. Like, heaven forbid we have an emergency where we can't warm it up because this child will starve before he takes a cold bottle. Drama! 

When he cuts teeth, he CUTS TEETH. Meaning they all come at once. Four at a time? Three more at a time? Sure! Why not. He's on his way to 8 but not quite yet. You can't see his top teeth when he smiles yet, but they are chunky teeth and appear to have a big 'ol gap in between them! Cute huh?

He is happy and chill and easy going 85% of the time and then freaking out like a mad man the other 15%. And I mean FREAKING out too, he takes that part of himself very seriously. And too often at night like an hour or so after he's gone to sleep he wakes up hollering loudly either for food or comfort or for some other reason we can't figure out and it's sad and frustrating until he finally calms down. He's hit and miss for sleeping through the night but is mostly good at napping, so it's fine. 

He does his little machine gun laugh when I tickle in just the right spots, but rarely laughs hard for Matt. It's hilarious how frustrated it makes Matt! Ha. Sully is mostly so happy even when he's being shy with strangers he flashes his toothy smile. 
His hair grows in blonde at the roots but then turns red toward the ends as it gets longer. And it'll change in the light very quickly. It's way thicker & longer than EZ's was at this age though, so that's cool. We like a little strawberry blonde and I hope it sticks around.

He didn't roll until he was like 6 or 7 months old, and even then didn't like it much. He decided to craw around 10 months but even now does the sideways monkey leg-drag crawl if the ground isn't soft enough. He points that little pointer finger at everything and is starting to stand on his own but probably another month or so away from walking. He still scrunches his toes all the time like a wittle baby. 
Oh Sullivan. What a character. I can say that he seems like a baby still because I remember thinking EZ at 1 year was so big, but our Sully boy seems small still. He's also not saying any words and EZ was already well on his way to being a chatter box, so that's different. Plus EZ was already having to wear patches on his eyes and just seemed bigger in size too. It's pretty cool to get to experience two kids and all their differences. Sometimes when Sully strikes a pose or makes a certain face Matt will start laughing and say "Ha! It's like looking at a boy Carla!" I mean, what a compliment since he's so fetching cute ;) 

ps. This bunny is EZ's fave and EZ wanted to take a picture of him and so here it is. Nice work, kid! Glad we have this velveteen rabbit memorialized.

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  1. That last picture of Sully before the window collage made me triple take! Carla!!!! Sully is your mini boy clone!! I can't believe sweet little Sully is already going to be one! Happy birthday, cute kid.