Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the last day of 2014

i haven't written enough about this year, but today i'll tell you about this morning. we woke up late because of staying up too late and stayed in our sweats and jimjams to go eat french toast at kneaders. ez told jokes and ate mostly whipped cream while sully ate some yogurt and a plastic cup. it was cold and matt told me i couldn't take any more pictures because it was nuts to be outside any longer than possible. it's so nice to have matt off work and home with us. our house is a complete mess and we haven't cleaned up christmas anything and it seems like we are having a contest on how high we can stack dishes without doing them... but it's good. it'll be nice to start a new year, but i have such fond memories of this one that i'm sad to see it go. my kids are only getting bigger and time will continue speeding forward and it'll all happen too fast, so today i'll just try to stay here. in these moments. with these people. and maybe clean something up (maybe.)

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