Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Turkey day 2K14 was a huge success. Also, all the kids these days are writing it 2K14 instead of 2014 and I've sort of picked it up and am wondering if I should drop it right away? I'm probably too old for that now that I'm 29. An adult, after all.

We played hundreds of rounds of HH Hippos after delicious cinnamon rolls followed by baths and naps while Matt and I made some dishes for the feast later. EZ and I used his new awesome glue to do some crafting before we headed over to the Thorup house for a thankful family dinner. Ces & Deej came to town and Easton baby joined in the fun! Sadly we missed the Meg & Brady family because Leo was sick as a dog, but we thought about them.  
Right as we were gathered around watching a riveting YouTube clip of Shia Labeouf (THANKS Brissa!) we heard some very familiar jingle bells.... and EZ WAS STOKED. Like, so so happy. Grandpa and Bibi were so generous to plan such a fun evening! Sully loved it and then DIDN'T. But he did have quite a rough poop day... bless his bum. Not enough, too much... this kid can't get it straight. But anyway, Santa! Mrs Claus! It was fun.

aaaaaaaand now it's December and Christmastime! 

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  1. Love all the pictures of the family! Your kids are so cute! Glad we can connect again! Check out my family blog www.bluejeansmomma.blogspot.com
    Love ya! Jen