Monday, December 1, 2014

halloween 2k14 - the year of Pan

EZ won Halloween this year around our house. He named the skeleton door "funny face", chose all of our costumes, and owned the role of Peter Pan like a true hero. I mean, Sully has Tiger Lily? Pretty genius. And he loves Pan's shadow so much, Matt made that dream come true (and he wore it ALL day at work, and like took Trax by himself and everyone kept calling him a "dark elf?" or something and I like that he does stuff like that because he's a good dad but also mostly because he likes Halloween.)

 We trick or treated and partied hard and it's so fun to have kids.
Oh! And Rac and Van came over to show how we dressed a like even though we didn't plan it. The kids were totally stoked about it, obvs.


  1. Sully as Tiger Lilly was honest to goodness in my top three reasons why Halloween was so great. It kills me.You've got a good family there, Carla. I love you guys.