Friday, November 7, 2014

my man, the redbeard!

Since Matt released his video tutorial back in September (Intro to ZBrush & Character Design), he's been hustling and working hard and making things happen as the Redbeard! We've known for a while, but it's finally been released on their site that Matt has been invited to do two live presentations at the CTN Conference in Berkley, CA later this month! It's like, a really big deal. It's a HUGE conference for the animation/graphics world and he'll be doing a live ZBrush demonstration on two different days (along with mingling with some of the best in his industry!) And I'm tagging along so we can spend some time at the D-land and have some alone time without our kids too! Yeaaaaaah.

^THAT'S MY HUSBAND, YO.^ I'm so freaking proud of him and happy for him and for us and just excited about all the possibilities of the future! And along with all the good feelings, I'm also slightly terrified. But like, mostly in a good way? I have noticed (and it's been pointed out after I've been a total turdbucket) that I'm not always the best at being his biggest cheerleader because I'm in the trenches next to him. It's astounding sometimes how much work it takes to make good things happen, you know? I put my foot in my mouth and let the stresses of reality overcome me & then end up saying the wrong things or not showing enough enthusiasm as I actually feel. Not because I don't mean it, but because sometimes I'm so busy doing every day life that I forget to tell him. But I want to take a moment to get out of the trenches and CHEER HIM ON right now. Because hot damn! He's AMAZING. And he's damn hot!

Matt is so talented. He's always been into art (like we have drawings of us as 16 year olds), but in the last 8 years he has cultivated it into a true passion & has worked so hard to make it into something where he can make money & support our family while also feeling fulfilled as a creator. That's a big deal! Artists are too often poor & struggling (and like, we are too still... but hopefully not for forever, you know?) and he's hustling every day to make his & our dreams come true. It's amazing to watch him create and it's downright inspiring to see him become better each day as he practices (and practices and practices and.... you get the idea.) He believes in himself and pushes himself and is very internally motivated to always try new things and become a better artist. 

It's sometimes crazy to discuss what happens next in his career because it could mean very large changes/moves/situations in our future, but I know as long as I can snug up to that scratchy bearded man every night, then everything... is gonna be alright, man.

I LURVE YOU MATTICUS. Proud is understating how I feel about you, because it's bigger and badder than that. It's more like buttermilk that has like, been in your fridge for a while... and you aren't sure what to do with it so you keep it...  but like the opposite? HAHA. That's an inside joke and I'm so glad I remembered it. 

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