Sunday, October 19, 2014

october could last forever

October has been slaying it this year. The weather! The activities! The all around vibes it's throwing down! All of it has been really spectacular. These photos are from a walk around our 'hood last Sunday when the light was perfect and the hats a plenty. EZ has almost stopped ignoring Sully at least 50% of the time and it's really cute to see them get all up in each other's face. I'm still thankful for the other 50% of time when he ignores him (hey! at least he's not being mean to him!) I love the pictures of Matt and the boys together so much. And that picture of Sullivan on the swing with the sun flare? Oh baby, let me nuzzle that face! EZ moves too much most of the time to get many photos of him, but look at the sass he's tossing around! This very first picture on the left might be my favorite of the bunch simply because it's just so classic. EZ looking all dramatic because we didn't do what he wanted exactly how he wanted us to, and then Sully just happily smiling in the background. Mmmmm. I like these punks.  

And in a matter of seconds, Sully lets us know it's time to go home and get ready for bed. Kid knows what he wants!

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