Monday, September 1, 2014

Watching these punks grow up together is going to be a riot. Sully is mostly enamored but also slightly terrified of EZ as he watches him throughout the day. And we always have "let's be silly to Sully" time before bed where EZ does basically nothing and gets huge laughs out of his brother. Like seriously, he does nothing and gets huge laughs... everyone else has to try much harder to even get tiny courteous ones. These top few were taken August 3rd and the bottom three were taken just yesterday. Sullivan is growing so much! He's already 6 months old. And EZ's freckles are so great. 

 I think that face is my favorite? ^^ Sully's hair is definitely coming in slightly reddish... but also stick straight and just like Matt's. Long on the sides & short on top! haha. Wispy baby hair is the weirdest.
But like... look at how he looks at him. It's so awesome.

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