Wednesday, September 17, 2014


In the last two weeks//dumping so I can get it out of my head//

Matt released his Intro to Zbrush and Character Design class and then we attended Comic Con where he sold some prints at his own Redbeard booth. It's been incredible seeing Matt come into his own as an artist this year, and it's been BIG in the last two weeks. Lots of opportunities and dreams are beginning to be realized & we're feeling like all of the hard work we've put into this life is going to pay off if we just keep working. 

I've spent a lot of time with my sister, Melina, and our kids are the very best frenemies. We go to reservoirs, parks, museums, train rides, Grandma's house, pick garden food, can stuff, meet up with Grandpa for ice cream... I'm so glad we're raising our kids together and dealing with the crazy that comes with that.

No one is getting enough sleep... especially mother bear (me.) Kids are waking up and I'm staying up too late and I suck at napping and it's just... exhausting.  

Sullivan is starting to sit up, but heaven forbid he roll over! Ha. It's the sweetest that he CAN roll, but chooses not to? Or something. He also smacks his gums a lot and makes the cutest popping noises. And he learned to swallow and is eating food (and pooping! hallelujah!) like a boss.

I am working a lot more and am feeling very fulfilled with this at-home-on-the-computer-but-occasionally-in-person job. I'm assisting Alison of The Alison Show with a random assortment of duties, and it really is a party. Also - learning some new skills that are helpful for Matt's business as well (perk!)

EZ did not start pre-school, but does dress up A LOT. Ninja to Pirate to Ninja again to King to Batman to Superman to Pirate again. He's serious about his roles and usually prefers wearing costumes with pants as optional. (So he sort of ends up looking like a little male dancer as he is in full costume... and underwear. Ha!)

I am getting used to life with bangs. And Vampire Diaries (Katrina... I'm still not sure.) And allergies. And eating entire meals with sugar as the main course because I'm on a kick and am not ready to stop (pass me another snickers please! oh, and a donut!)

We hung out with a hairless cat who looked sort of rat-like and decided he was cool. Matt wants one now, EZ asked if the cat would wear a costume for Halloween, and I smooshed it's face and then left without any desire for an animal (we still miss our guido dog!)

We went to a drive in movie and it was super fun. Guardians of the Galaxy with a terrrrrrrible showing of the new Ninja Turtles afterward (we left 15 mins in because it was just so bad) with all of us snugged in the back of our van on our "car bed!" as EZ loved to call it was a really nice evening. 

Matt just started his busy time at work, so that means the house is a disaster and we have breakfast for dinner a lot because I just have to focus on not being mean to my kids when I have to put them to bed every night. I love them so much but holy cow just go to sleep when it's time. I'm thankful that his busy times eventually end, and balance will be restored. Also, he passed his ONE YEAR mark working for Disney and I just want to write so much more about this whole year and how good it's been to us. 

I made 5 batches of baby food using my pears, my mom's garden squashes, and trader joe's sweet potatoes. I always feel like a supermom when I take the time to do all of that. 

EZ is growing into a little buddy which is so great, but it's taking it's toll on all of us. Growing pains (physical and mostly emotional) are tasking. He's sort of annoying and whines what seems a lot more than he used to, and since he's usually so great at communicating, I expect him to always do that (but really, he's a three year old and I need to stop thinking he can control his emotions or his communication levels all the time.) We've had some hot tears in the last few weeks, but oh my gooooosh he's so smart and amazing and sweet so it's all good (even when in reality, it's not.) I have some videos I should upload that show who he is right now at exactly three years old. He's imaginative and funny and loves stories and "reading" books (memorizing them.) 

Sullivan's head is so round and delicious it's irresistible. He sleeps on his side for naps (but swaddled for bedtime mostly) and is squishy and soft. I have hundreds of selfie type photos of him on my phone because I can't get enough of looking at his face.

I turn 29 in just about two weeks and it feels good. I like that number and I like that it means Matt will be thirty a few months after because I just think we're on an up-swing and I really enjoy up-swings when they come so we're going to live it up. 

I'm glad I wrote some of this down. I am not even going to bother uploading pictures. 

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  1. This whole post just makes me happy. I'm happy for you guys and the joy and fulfillment you're feeling in life. Lemme know how Vampire Diaries goes. You will be my deciding factor if I move it up on the priority list.