Sunday, August 3, 2014

he eats! (sort of)

We're starting the puréed food phase with Sullivan as he's now entered month 5 of his wee life. He's doing okay but mostly he doesn't like to swallow and so it all comes right on out - like the sweet potato disgustingly pictured below ;) He's also a big fan of the spoon and being naked. (Here is EZ eating for the first time! They look so different to me!)

And then I offered him a car and he was like... Yes please.
But really. Give me what I want, woman. 


  1. haha he is so expressive!!! by the way, what camera do you use - your pics are crystal clear.

    1. thanks! last christmas i purchased the Canon Rebel T3i and like it! i try my best to use it on manual mode if the lighting is right, too. i used Nikon for years so it's been an adjustment, but the longer i have it, the more i like it.