Thursday, July 24, 2014

my baby

We're nearing the 5 month mark this weekend and I keep thinking that's too many months for my squishy baby because he just seems too little to be one month away from half a year. He doesn't really roll much because he hates tummy time and I don't make him (I'm a sucker) but that's actually okay with me because I like when he just stays still and plays with his hands and feet. EZ can make Sully laugh the most and we've been trying to carve out time each night for the brothers to bond over silliness (even though it delays bedtime and sometimes the parents aren't as patient about that as we could be.) Sullivan loves water & does very well in the pool (which is good because it's wicked hot out right now.) He does his best laughs and coos and smiles when you give him undivided attention with lots of eye contact and kisses. Or if you let him suck on your knuckle... this kid loves that. He constantly drools and is wet allllllll the time. He does not poop enough and we sometimes have to coax it out of him when he's backed up enough to cause major grumps. Last week my milk supply dropped and we had three days of sad sad sully bear because he was mad & hungry with his lack of food. We ended up using around 10-15 ounces out of the freezer to supplement until I was able to increase my supply (I had to eat more calories! Breast milk survives off of ice cream and burgers in my opinion.) He's pretty chill and goes to sleep unassisted most nights (after a little bit of snugged rocking to calm him) and we're almost ready to start with real food. He's not great at swallowing without sucking though... so using a spoon is proving to be way harder than I remember with EZ. So we're not in a hurry. He takes great naps as long as we stay home and allow him too... which is difficult to do because we're trying to avoid mush brain from Netflix for his older brother. I sometimes feel sad I don't have all the time to stare at him and caress him and marvel over him since there's always more I could/should/ought to be doing these days... but that's just life. And also, he really does love EZ so much that I have a feeling he'll want EZ's attention equally as much as mine... so there will always be enough to go around. Sully arches his back a lot and it makes me feel like he's stressed out too much. Relax, dude! I think he's starting to think about getting teeth, but so far nothing has popped through. He's not as chubby as EZ was, but he's holding his own in the squish department. I love most his big, navy blue eyes and how much he loves grabbing my hair and pulling my face closer to his. OKAY OKAY, WE GET IT. YOU'RE AMAZING ;)

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