Saturday, June 21, 2014

sully d 6.20.2014

Sully is a squishy piece of heaven. He's a good eater, a good sleeper, and has the best eyebrows. He's a week away from 4 months old, hates tummy time (and therefore doesn't do it much and so isn't even close to rolling over! ha.), has big blue peepers and looks a lot like his mom (and also EZ). Matt and I spent two nights at girl's camp this week and he did great with bottles of pumped milk at the grandparent's house (and we all survived being away from each other, phew.) He smiles a lot but saves his rolling laughter for special occasions. He loves water and has big, chunky legs that splash splash splash. He has grabby hands and has learned how to heartily suck on his fists while he soaks through all of his clothes with drool. It's good to have a Sullivan in the family.

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