Saturday, June 21, 2014

ez red 6.20.2014

Oh, EZ breezy.
This kid is so cool. He's one month and 8 days away from being 3 years old and keeps asking for a pink cake for his party next month ;) He forced us to potty train him last week once he found out that he could wear Jake and the Neverland Pirate underwear if he stayed dried for 2 full days... so of course he goes and does it and so we have to let him wear the Jake unders... and besides one accident with my mom (while we were at girl's camp this week) he's totally trained. I've been avoiding it because bathrooms are gross and I didn't want to drag my new baby in every bathroom around town (and mostly because I'm lazy... and I'd rather change a diaper than the occasional wet accident. Like I said, lazy.) Anyway... once again he makes it too easy on us and it's like no big deal (although it is, way to go kid!) We still do diapers when he sleeps and he gets a jelly bean or two just to keep him stoked about it, but yea... kid is growing up.

He's also super funny and has the best imagination. He tells stories all the time (or asks us to tell stories) and he loves singing all sorts of made up and real songs. He sings Call Me Maybe and it's super awesome but I have yet to catch it on video. He's friendly and social and loves people, and is sometimes too comfortable around others. He has been the sweetest with Sully and we've caught him whispering to him when they are falling asleep at night or nap time (really... it's amazing stuff like "it's time to sleep sully. we'll play in the morning" or like "it's okay sully... you don't need to cry." does our parent hearts good!)

His eyes still wander out and although the glasses are helping, it's still pretty severe. We have some appointments coming up next month and he'll probably need surgery at some point to lessen the wander. He still naps regularly 2-3 hours a day, will eat almost anything I put in front of him (with some coercion), he still loves Captain Hook, Jake, Ninjas, and Frozen. He's independent on the playground and has started asking to play with friends, but still really likes to play with his parents more than any one else.

Some funny things he's said lately:

I told him to cover his mouth when he coughed while at school and he said, "I won't let you down, mom!"

Me: EZ, your hair looks amazing.
EZ: "Yea... it always looks amazing, Mom."

Me: Hey EZ, what do you want to eat?
EZ: Codfish Casserole!

Matt was driving home and said that they'd read a book before bedtime and EZ responded with, "THAT is a great idea!"

I have a feeling having a three year old is going to be awesome (with a side of cray cray of course.)

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