Tuesday, May 13, 2014

z to the ion

The Thorups took us to ZION for our annual trip (which we missed last year, but we're all glad to be back this year!) over mother's day weekend. The whole crew was there and it was so fun to have the little boys old enough to play! EZ and Leo (mostly Leo since EZ is a dirt-a-phobe sometimes) loved throwing rocks and getting wet whenever possible, and it was an inkling into all the fun we can have when we bring them back yearly now that they're big enough to get into it. It was lush and green and we had perfect weather too! I explained to EZ on the bus ride we were going to a place called "weeping rock" and then we talked about how weeping was crying and that there would be water, and then he would NOT stop talking about it the rest of the trip (sometimes cute, sometimes annoying.) He said "I have to kiss it better!" and "it's weeping happy tears" and funny stuff like that the whole time, and even today when I drove him to school he said "remember weeping rock?" It definitely made an impression on his brain. 

The 2nd day we did the Narrows and stayed hours on the rocky beach just playing. Sully was a super baby and loved the entire trip when we were outside (but had his fair share of meltdowns when we were at the house!) The third day we did the Emerald Pools hike (we only did the lower pools because we didn't want to carry the kids that long... remember how we have two?? sometimes that's still crazy.) Leo and EZ had so much fun together (when EZ was behaving and not being a turd) and we can't wait for Brady and Megan to bring another cousin to the mix in November. Jake and Em are such good playmates for their nephews, but next year they'll have like a 5 month old of their own! We're living it up while we still have their extra set of hands because come October, they'll be out of commission ;) It's a great year for Thorup babies! And thankfully we still have DJ, Ces, and Josh to play with the kids. Oh, and really incredible grandparents. Grandpa and Bibi treat us right! It can be hard to travel with so many people, but they make it feel like a breeze. 

Other things to remember: EZ and Leo get VERY excited at 3 a.m. if they take car naps on the drive down. They were INSANE when we first arrived. We had a glass casserole pan completely explode and shatter into hundreds of pieces when I was making baked mac n cheese... and it was terrifying but thankfully no one was hurt. It was crazy though and we still can't quite figure out why it happened. EZ never stops talking. Sully loves to be outside so so so much. It's really phenomenal to spend 4 days in a row with Matt. It feels like it's been a long time since we've done that and it was lovely. Matt also was very sweet and decided he would take more pictures of me on his phone since I'm usually the one wielding the camera, so I'm extra documented this trip. I can nurse anywhere, but I really had sensational views during this trip. We still take jumping pictures and Matt is still always higher than I am. Sullivan smiled a lot during this trip and both boys slept pretty well. We didn't play enough games at night, but the one we did play together was funny. Zion National Park showed off the whole time and was super pretty. Now, so many photos it's a little insane:

 THANKS David and Carole!!! Even though the boys look super unimpressed in this picture, we all LOVED IT. Can't wait for next time!

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  1. Oh Zion. (Dear Zion) i love that place so much. Looks like you had a dreamy vaca. I can't believe how grave you are! Let's go on a hike 2gethe