Monday, May 19, 2014

sullivan's blessing day

Sullivan David was blessed on May 4th (star wars day! nerd alert!) It was a beautiful, spring day and he behaved like a perfect gentleman. Well, a very scowl-y gentleman, but still. He was asleep the majority of the blessing, but about 3/4 of the way in he opened his eyes and just stared right up at Matt but didn't make a peep.

The night before Matt and I sat down and wrote out all of the things we wanted for Sully's big life and then said a specific prayer asking for the spirit to be with our family the next day, especially Matt as he performed the blessing. It's amazing how much a little preparation can do to make the day even more special, and I'm so thankful that Matt and I have started that tradition. Matt was quite nervous that morning, but he was calm and eloquent as he asked for specific blessings for our son. It was beautiful and the whole day was happy and peaceful, and actually reminded me a lot of the feelings from the first 2 days of his life.  We recorded it and I'll write it down for him to read one day, and I hope he knows how much he's loved... because boy howdy, it's a lot. We had some family & friends over afterward for a "very special party" as EZ called it.

He wore the same thing EZ wore as a baby and here is EZ's blessing day for comparison. They definitely are brothers!

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  1. Carla! We wore the same shirt on blessing day! Whhaaat!? And you have a beautiful family. I really like you guys.