Monday, May 19, 2014

kitchen moments

so many happy memories are being created in our kitchen. ez has blossomed into a great kitchen helper and i try so hard to include him in cooking (even when it turns into a hassle and a mess... oy.) he always knows we wash our hands and put on our aprons before beginning, and he does the best little "i'm a princess! look mom! i spin!" when he twirls in the polka dot apron (always the one he chooses.) our favorites are home made tortillas and (most often) chocolate chip cookies. i'm trying to start some fun traditions of cookie baking & sharing so we can make cookies fairly often but give them away so we don't eat our weight in them (except for when matt's home... then there's no stopping him because my husband has big love for my hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.) ez almost always loves helping and gets really stoked when we choose some friends & deliver the goods. i even let him sit in the front seat of the van if we're staying in our neighborhood and he thinks that's about the best thing in his life... so cool mom points! (and we all know i'm just trying to be a cool mom.)

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