Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm not very good at napping and it can sometimes seem like the worst curse of my life... but sometimes it means I get to stare at my turtle necked boy a little longer and smell his head over and over and over. His profile is so great. Also, remember how I lost my wedding ring for two years and found it last June? It's almost been a year and our yard still looks like garbage (sorry neighbors), but it was all worth it to to find that glorious thing.

These were taken one Sunday afternoon when everyone was asleep but the mother bear.


  1. Adorable blog. You are a fantastic writer! I happened upon your blog on accident (while doing homework for my BYU-Idaho class, of all things)

    1. I thought random blog comments were a thing of the past, so thanks for the surprise! ha.

      Your family looks amazing (I always love a family lots of kids!) Good luck with your husband, that's a huge trial and you guys are handling it with so much faith & gratitude.