Tuesday, April 1, 2014

san francisco in january

Remember that one time when me and some of my best girls went to San Francisco for a weekend? Only if you follow on insta... since I didn't blog it. But I do because it was fantastic. I was like 33 weeks pregnant and quite ripe, so it's funny to look at these pictures now that I'm over one month postpartum.

Our girl, Krystal, and her family moved away from our neighborhood last September and we missed her so much we decided to hop on a plane sans kids (hallelujah) and go see her. Plus, San Francisco!

Krystal was 13 weeks pregnant when we visited... and she even pretended she wasn't that sick for us ;) We seriously have the best neighborhood for girlfriends and this is only a small sampling of us together. We could have packed the plane with even more ... and maybe we will next time! (And Krystal is coming back to visit us this month... so yay!)

We had bipolar weather the first day in the city where it was overcast, then turned freezing & wet (when we were on a double decker bus tour mind you), and then cleared up for a nice sunset. We got selfies of strangers & tried to take our own selfies on other people's phones (mission accomplished!) We had an excellent tour guide who basically made it hilarious to be sopping wet and riding on the top deck of the bus while on the freeway, we took "mandatory cell phone breaks" and then tried to ban cell phones the rest of the time, we ate delicious food & shared almost every meal like true sister-wives or something even closer. We walked and walked and walked some more all around the various parts of the city and did a little bit of shopping wherein 18 bras were purchased between the 6 of us (victoria secrets sale!)

The 2nd day in the city we awoke bright and early (after we took turns trying to rid the garlic from our bodies from eating at The Stinking Rose! woof!) to head on a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. What fun! It's something like 8 miles total and super enjoyable, and then we took the ferry back to the city to return the bikes, throw on a few extra layers, and then walked like 10 plus miles all around the city once more. Bi-rite salted caramel ice cream still haunts my dreams, we got to the painted ladies after literally the worst tour guided bus (basically the exact opposite of the first day) and it was dark, and then we walked and walked until we couldn't walk any more (seriously, my pelvic bone was so achey by the end!) It was only 2.5 days but it was certainly packed full of parties and girl talk and food. Bless girlfriends and weekend trips! And friends who move but still want to hang out ;)

Jen, Megan, and Brooke in the back with Melanie, me, and Krystal up front.

Until next time! CUT.IT.OUT.

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