Sunday, April 27, 2014

month two

Sully is two months old today and we're really settling into a groove. He is smiling way more often, although his grumpy face still shows up frequently as well (which is fine because it's like, so great.) He seems a bit colicky or maybe has some intestinal issues going on because he gets very cranky & gassy sometimes (usually around dinner time or bedtime.) He's only pooped once this week and I just hate it because I like when my babies (and self to be honest) are regular. He has stinky toots all the time, but they never turn to poop. We started using gripe water and it seems to be helping calm him down, and I've also cut back on my dairy intake to see if that will help as well. He also panic-cries when he's hungry or tired, so some days it seems like he cries a lot... when really it's because newborns are like always hungry or tired, and add on some upset stomach issues and that'd basically be a lot of crying.

I say all that, but then I think... he doesn't really cry that much. He's mostly a really sweet baby who loves to be cuddled tightly (our ergo carrier is in use multiple times a day and it's amazing) and is a very quick eater. He has started sleeping from like 8 pm - 2 am most nights, and then he's up at least every 2-3 hours after that stretch, but he always goes right back to sleep with a swaddle and a binkie. His skin has cleared up and he's gaining weight and chub like he wants to win a contest. It's equal parts awesome and heartbreaking. I've already put away all of his newborn clothes and even some of his 0-3 months clothes are too small. He looks bald from the front but actually still has quite a bit of (dark) hair in the back. He coos and has almost started laughing, he is constantly looking up and arching his back to look up even higher, and he's just about able to hold his head up by himself. He's still in the bassinet next to me, but this week we're trying to transition to the crib in EZ's room and start the room sharing. He's really loud if I ever change his diaper in the middle of the night... so we'll see how this goes.

I really loved having 1 kid, but I think having 2 is almost better because I love them and Matt loves them and we love each other and they love each other and it's this big circle of love. It's also crazy hectic and exhausting and all that since it's a package deal.

Here's the birth announcement that matt made. I haven't mailed them out like I was supposed to... but oh well. It's on my fridge and that's what I wanted them made for anyway! I love it.

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