Saturday, April 26, 2014


EZ has bee SO GOOD with Sully. I shouldn't underestimate my child... but I honestly was really worried about how EZ would behave around such a tiny baby (especially if he had jealous issues or whatever.) He isn't always soft with other kids & oftentimes can be found in time out for hitting or pushing. But seriously, we're two months in (tomorrow! oh my word) and he has been so gentle and kind with his little brother. My favorite is probably when I'm changing Sully's diaper and EZ says "Mom, let's hang out." So he goes and gets his stool and we just stand by the changing table and chat about our days right to Sullivan's face. He says stuff like "I go to school and I like it" or "Sometimes we go to church!" or "Let's hold hands because he likes it." It's seriously the greatest watching them together. And when he says "let's hang out" because that's gold.

Another thing that's great? EZ is no longer the reigning king. That might come off poorly, but really he was running this house and we were all getting worn down by it. But now that Sully and his loud infant screams are here, he understands that he can't always come first and I think it's really helping him grasp life a bit more. Of course he still gets puh-lenty of attention... but at least he has to share some of it now and forever. Also... they hold hands a lot and HELLO. That's cute.

Right now they are both sound asleep in their bedroom together! This is the very first time that I've put Sully down in the crib while EZ is sleeping... so come 2 AM when it's time to feed the baby, we'll see if we have an awake toddler as well! I'm hoping EZ will sleep right through any of the grunts or cries... and I'm sure they'll surprise me and both do just fine... but I'm still apprehensive.  I like this parenting 2 kids gig.

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  1. Okay. The hand holding is killing me, obviously. But! Carla! I feel like EZ looks like you're little twin clone baby boy in that first picture! Like WOAH!!! You two make some pretty adorable babies.