Monday, April 28, 2014

dj & ces!

Matt's oldest brother, DJ (or David Jr if you will), proposed to his sweet girlfriend from the Philippines, Ces (or Cesadel if you will), in December 2012... and then it took over a year for her visa and paperwork to go through... but it did finally go through and they got married last week!!

We are SO happy for them. It's been a long time coming and Ces is so brave to come to a new country without any family to get married to a very tall white dude, but we hope she feels welcome into the Thorup clan because we just love her so much. She speaks English perfectly, in case you were wondering... but DJ and Ces actually speak Tagalog the majority of the time they're together. Sweet, huh? We celebrated with a ceremony and dinner up Millcreek Canyon and it was a gorgeous day and night. These are just a few cell phone snaps from the day, but there are thousands of photos documenting the day because DJ is a techy nerd and had 4 cameras circulating around the event as well as an actual photographer. We tried to pull in some filipino traditions (like the red scarves & floral prints) and DJ and papa David wore traditional wedding shirts. Carole worked so hard to plan the event (and she kept most things a surprise for Ces!), and everything was beautifully executed.

What a great day. We're so glad she's here!

It was really fun to help her get ready for the day (Emily did the make up!) and I think the four of us are going to get along quite nicely! There's room for one more, Josh ;) also, #sisterselfie!

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