Thursday, April 10, 2014

a six week sullivan

he has perfected his scowl face & rarely can we coax a smile out of him while he's awake. he's a fairly serious baby and is either perfectly calm and sweet or wildly unhappy... there is little in-between-those-two-emotions right now. he's also pretty gooey since along with a clogged duct & his acne, he's started with some cradle cap too (which we're trying to nip in the bud with rigorous oiling.) he still curls his toes & his legs like a newborn and is very floppy (which we love.) he's definitely packing on the pounds and is looking chubbier each day. his eyes are starting to turn blue (especially when he's in a blue shirt) but they are still navy dark. he smiles a lot when he's sleeping and still sucks his bottom lip in (just like ez!) he's mostly still doing every 3-4 hours with food and usually freaks out every night for 30 minutes to an hour where we aren't sure why he's unhappy (belly? food? tired? witching hour? what? what?) and it usually stops when he's swaddled tight and then left alone in his bassinet. he's still sleeping in our room, but mostly because i'm scared to have the boys share (but i want him out soon... he's a grunter and noisy!) he loves the ergo carrier and movement is his friend. ez is still really gentle with him (fingers crossed that doesn't change) and sometimes when i see sully from across the room i gasp because of how much i miss him when we're not touching (like i'm missing a limb.) ooooh man it's nice having him around.

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