Sunday, March 23, 2014

st. patrick's day 2014 (he did NOT like the green milk.)

 I was changing the boys into some green clothes before Matt got home from work and snapped a few photos since Sully was awake. Notice the scowl and the terrified face as he hears EZ approaching? EZ treats him very gently, but is also SUPER LOUD and constantly roars in Sully's face... so I get why he'd scowl and be sort of terrified.

When Matt got home from work (and after we ate dinner) we did a wee treasure hunt with EZ to find some gold dubloons and lucky charms. He was thrilled with the whole thing... until we told him to check the fridge and see if those pesky leprechauns turned our milk green. When he saw the milk carton was a nice shade of green, HE LOST IT. It was like he finally understood that small, green men had been in our house and he was completely freaked out. We had a pretty good laugh about it until it took like 15 minutes for him to calm down and he had nightmares that night and kept saying "no want green milk!"... whoops. We did finally get him to try some with his carshmellow cereal though, so we still count it as a win.

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