Saturday, March 8, 2014

some hospital pictures

I delivered at Lone Peak Hospital and you guys... it was so awesome. The staff was not only supportive and helpful, but pretty funny too! And we had 2 days of peace in our hospital room as I delivered and recovered in the same enormous room, and Matt even had a full size couch to sleep on! It's brand new (as of last August they delivered their first baby there) and everything was shiny and fancy. It was a really nice way to start our life as a family of four (mostly because EZ only visited once... so really it was a nice time to get to know Sullivan before we had to divide our time with the hurricane EZ.)

 And what a view of the mountains! I sort of felt like royalty.

This is Grandpa David (Sully's middle name is from this guy right here!)
Then we have Grandma Bibi (in high tech screen fashion)
and then Grandma Nell (who came at 3 am and was a breath of fresh air in the middle of labor!)
and then we have Grandpa Ken (my papi) to round out the grands.

Sigh... that was a great stay for being at a hospital.

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