Sunday, March 9, 2014

newborn photos

Some photos of our wee man Sullivan at 6 days old. My mom made the colorful blanket in the first photo, his deep scowl probably comes from me, and we totally bribed EZ with chocolate chips to pose with his brother. EZ has mostly ignored Sully since we've been home, with little kisses or hi baby brother's here and there... but when he saw the umbilical cord (before it fell off on day 8) EZ was SO grossed out. Like, he wouldn't touch Sully again until we put a shirt on him! It was hilarious and he kept saying "no want bilical cord!" over and over again. What a nut.

But oh my oh my this squishy kid is great. I can't wait to go kiss him right now.
 (^^^sad face for the glasses reflection^^^  sometimes those pesky things are so annoying.)

I've saved a few favorites for a birth announcement, but I just really like him.

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  1. Those scowls! I'm in love. And you have major photo skills, these are beautiful.