Thursday, March 13, 2014

a two week sully bear

mr. sullivan is two weeks old today, and just as every mother in history has said... it's going too fast.

some notes from the field:
-he has a darker complexion than ez and he literally turns beet red when he poops hard, or cries hard, or sometimes just sits there and breathes hard... it's like he's almost sunburned from the inside out?

-he is a champion eater but occasionally he'll choke himself on milk and then seems to create tummy problems for a while after the feeding. a good snug usually solves it, but it's still sad to see him get all choked up.

-he had his first ER visit two nights ago because he choked on milk, threw up (not spit up), and then seemed to us to be breathing weird. turns out, he was just fine (and the throw up was probably due to an air bubble.) he has sort of a concave sternum (that might change as he grows) and his ab muscles are separated creating a bubble area in the middle (sort of like my post pregnant abs right now), so it just looks sort of odd. he's healthy and a whopping 8 lbs 14 oz (ten oz above his birth weight) so he's growing and thankfully very healthy. this was actually the first time as parents we've taken our child into the emergency room, and our neighbor was great and came and slept on our couch for an hour (at midnight) to make sure ez didn't wake up. it sounds more dramatic than it was in person... sully was always breathing fine and actually slept most of the time, but since he doesn't have his first doctor check up until 3 weeks (our pediatrician is out of town) we needed some assurance that everything was fine. and it is :)

-he likes to be snugged very tightly in order to fall into a deep sleep. he'll take a binkie, and then prefers to have his head on a bare chest or cheek to cheek because skin is very soothing to our wee man. after we do skin to skin he sleeps like 5 hours because he's so relaxed!

-he sleeps and eats on no particular schedule, and some nights he'll do 3 hour stretches and then others he'll do a 5 or 6 hour stretch.

-he always sneezes in 2's, he makes sweet squeaky noises like i remember ez doing, every day his neck seems stronger and more capable, and he still has dry skin that hasn't flaked off (it's been this way since utero i think.)

-he looks different from every angle, and even when he's awake versus asleep. his eyes are still very dark, but you can see blue trying to sneak out on the edges.

-he either sleeps totally swaddled or spread out like a star fish, very little actual sleep happens outside of these positions.

-this is a live picture of me writing this post and him sleeping... amazing, right?

i'm so thankful to the iPhone for capturing the tiny moments of our day to day. this having 2 kids thing is pretty great (even when i'm super tired and my hooch still hurts every day! but that's sort of been awesome because i've been able to write and blog more, since i have to sit most of the day still.) birth story coming up next once i put the finishing touches on it. 

love you, sully d! 

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  1. Ohh he is delicious. He sounds like such a sensitive good little baby. I need to meet him before he can walk. and I'm excited for the birth story.