Saturday, February 22, 2014


we all have head colds slash chest coughs (especially the super pregnant lady.)
but we had time to do some service for family & church
and we took a family walk because it's february 22nd but it was like 55 degrees and sunny outside (which is totally bizarre and confusing because i was set to have a "winter" baby and now it's not acting like "winter" and so sometimes it's confusing to my brain and body.)
i like these people.
and by golly, they like me.
it's a good system we have going for us.
and it's been a great week for family of 3 time...
although we are getting quite anxious for #4 to arrive.

on our walk we roared at cheeseburger spiders and ran away from taco-diles and EZ fell behind and then would say "STOP. WAIT FOR ME!" and then run at us with all his might (and jump sometimes in the middle just because that's what he does.) and then he'd make me stop and he'd look up at me and tell me exactly where the cheese spiders were in the trees and how we had to run fast to get past them. or he'd tell matt that the cucumbers were coming and he needed to roar to scare them off. (we watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 last night, obvs. we've all got animal food on the brain.) we also took selfies and lots of other pictures because i'm getting nostalgic and find i haven't been using my camera enough.

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