Friday, February 7, 2014

thirty seven weeks (but who's counting)

We purchased Matt a new computer right at the end of the year, and I was so pumped because I'd finally have my very own computer (his old one) all to myself and I'd just blog and write and organize pictures to my heart's content!

And then 2 weeks into the new year, my computer (the old one) decided to die. Womp womp. We're getting it fixed (or at least trying), but it's just so thick with irony it hurts.


I'm 37 weeks pregnant and our baby bear could come at any time! EZ came at 37 weeks (very unexpectedly and we weren't totally prepared) but I have a feeling this 2nd baby is going to take his time. And that's OK by me because he'll just come out squishier and hopefully there will be no reason for a c-section. Matt and I went on a hospital tour this week and we're so excited!! Last time we were at an older hospital and remembering it makes me feel quite claustrophobic (and it was a bit traumatic too.) This time we're in a brand new hospital with a small and friendly nursing staff who has already starting cheering on my VBAC situation. It's going to be great... and we get a baby out of it! Hot dog!

Last pregnancy my "uniform" was this Freedom shirt and booty swim shorts because it was SO HOT outside. I may never have another summer baby again with how great it's been to be pregnant during the winter months.

This time my "uniform" is what we fondly call "my grays."

These sweatshirt and sweats from H&M that are turning into some of the only clothes that still fit without squeezing me too tightly. Thank goodness they are super classy and attractive! ;)

Bodies are so awesome. Sometimes I get comments that maybe I should be more careful with my body (like maybe not jump so much... or dance so rigorously... or go on roller coasters at 18 weeks...or roller skate at 26 and again at 30 weeks...or ride a bike across the Golden Gate bridge at 33 weeks.... or at least be more careful when I'm goofing around) because I can come across as careless. I get it, because sometimes I do actually behave carelessly... but mostly I just keep living life because my body was made for this. I'm SUPER grateful to be pregnant and healthy, I know that is not always the case with pregnancies, but I'm just going to take my unborn child along for my life ride.

We often say in Mormonism that "my body is a temple" and we should treat it that way. And I agree in as much as we should treat our bodies well... but I have a hard time saying that my body is a "temple" in the sense that it doesn't have crystal chandaliers that need to be polished and french imported baseboards and it definitely isn't clean all the time... I'd say my body is more like a work horse. It gets beat up on the daily by simply living life, and it's always amazing at just being awesome. And throw a pregnancy on it where I have to have another human being living inside of me, and it's freakin' work. I think it's easy for me to stretch & tire-out my body daily because I feel the most grateful for it when I'm really living in it every day. (If that even makes sense.)

I love my body. Being pregnant is super awesome and miraculous and so much work sometimes (like turning over in bed! Oh, and the achey achey pelvis from all of my baby's weight! that's work too!)

I hope this isn't the post where I'm all "he'll probably come late" and then my water breaks tonight. Been there, done that, am I right?!

Or a little part of me does hope this is the post where that happens, because a new baby to squish?? YES PLEASE.

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