Tuesday, January 14, 2014

twenty nine!

This sexxi pants turns TWENTY NINE today! Happy Birthday Matthew boo boo bear. I could wax on and on about what a great husband and father he is, but mostly I want to celebrate what a solid human being he is. Because he is totally solid. He knows who he is and doesn't waiver in his kindness or awesomeness. He works hard, treats people with respect (especially me and his kid), and is not afraid to (kindly) call people out on their shiz. I like watching him turn into an older dude because I love what I see.

 I went all out with homemade breakfast (daylight donuts) and a homemade ice cream cake (coldstone) for his special day. EZ was so excited to wake up and say happy birthday to his dad and give him balloons.

Some fun facts about Matt at 29... he vehemently hates gypsies (sorry for any gypsy followers), he loves the UFC and was devastated for days after Silva's last 2 fights, he always wakes up with crazy bed head, he loves to hang out with me when I'm in the bathroom, he is never embarrassed and frequently acts super random.

We like him.


  1. Hey Matt. Happy birthday!

    Cory also hates gypsies and likes to hangout with me in the bathroom. Basically all of those things also describe Cory except UFC and his bedhead is more stand-uppy like a mad scientist. Do you think it's a redhead thing or awesome husband thing?

  2. i hope we don't count as gypsies! we will have a permanent home soon!
    happy birthday matticus