Sunday, January 5, 2014

ez's navidad program


To say we were excited for his school to perform is a big 'ol understatement. They had been practicing for months (seriously, since Halloween for sure) because EZ would come home from school talking about "the navidad song" and tell us funny stories like "I go time-out 'cause I no sing navidad navidad. Then I sing navidad navidad with my migos and I no go time-out! I like navidad navidad. I no like time-out." Haha... that kid! I'm glad the teachers have a discipline structure even if EZ ends up in time-out on the daily (at least! woof. we've had some doozy naughty boy days too.)

EZ and the cute girl next to him are the youngest of the performers (they have after school programs for the older kids, or they do regular "day care" structure for some of the younger ones like EZ.) And OH! EZ had both sets of grandparents, his great grandma, his uncle, his aunt & uncle & cousins... plus his parents! We basically filled up 2 rows and were obnoxiously proud. But like, the kid's got moves! And for not even being 2.5 years, we think he was freakin' amazing. Those teachers had the kids trained and ready and we're so glad they care so much!

When we first arrived EZ was pretty shy and didn't want to talk to anyone except myself or Matt, and we stayed next to him right up until he put his Santa hat on & walked to the front. Then he just went for it! He started out great, really got into stride the 2nd song, and then faded a bit by the 4th and final song... but right after they were finished he jumped up and down and looked straight at us and said "I did it!" He then ran over to me and Matt and gave us both high fives and said "Ice cream!" (We took everyone out for a cone afterwards and maybe used that as a tiny bribe to get him to be more excited for his program. It worked!)

And he did start with his glasses, but seconds before they started singing he ripped them off and threw them at me with "I no want glasses!" (which is too common around here.)

And this is a parent brag post - so the video is a good 6 and a half minutes and not edited down much. It's my navidad and I'll not edit if I want to! Plus, at the very end he "recaps" what just happened and it's nice to know he understands that his parents were cheering just for him. Thanks for making this Navidad muy muy Feliz, EZ Red! Bravo!

                            EZ's Navidad Program 2013 from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

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