Sunday, December 29, 2013

thorup christmas

The Thorups are traditionalists on Christmas Eve (well, like, compared to my family at least) and we love it. New jimjams and a Christmas book and santa hats for pictures! It's a good time. This year Leo and EZ were old enough to sort of get that it's a special night, and they went nutso as soon as they put on their new pajamas. Running and laughing and hand holding and hugging like true cuzzies should. We all really enjoyed it. We even saw "rudolph's nose" in the sky and EZ freaked out in Matt's arms and shook with excitement at the thought of it. (What we actually saw were floating lanterns that family had sent off from Grum's memorial ♥) Then we spent Christmas afternoon together with a delicious brunch and some generous presents all around. We feel spoiled to have family close all the time.

David and Carole were overly generous to their kids & grandkids this year (a Disney trip is in the works!) and cleverly gave us some cash in $1 coins. Basically like a treasure chest! I think we counted 27 different types of coins with all sorts of historical faces... it was fascinating & generous.

So this one's for you guys, grandpa and bibi!

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