Saturday, December 28, 2013

morning magic

Oh, Christmas! EZ was so stoked to talk all about Santa and how he came down the chimney and filled his stocking with presents and then go fly with Rudolph.. and and and...(he's talking so much it's hard to write it all down) ...but when he saw the train he just started jumping up and down and then immediately went to work turning on the engines and playing for a good solid 20 minutes before we did anything else. (We were able to do some swapping with my older brother for the train set & we're so grateful his cousins took such good care of it!) We asked EZ if he'd like to try to open another present and once he realized that there were more presents than just his train to open, he was a focused little fella on making sure not one single present was left unopened. He loved his tea set (we immediately had a tea party) and was so excited to see Tinkerbell in his stocking (he's become a huge Tink fan since Disneyland) along with some fruit snacks and candy. And Guido got in the action with some huge bone that he's still eating days later. Matt was surprised with some techy gifts that made his heart soar and his feet step with purpose (the Fitbit!), and I received the sweetest stocking stuffers (my new favorite necklace) and an actual full length mirror (since we've been missing one since we re-did our closets months ago.) Oh, and we upgraded our camera this year since our little baby will need not only high-res photos of himself, but HD video as well (obvs) and Matt generously wrapped the box for me to open (I've been using it for weeks since I'm a sneak!)

I list out our gifts not to remember the presents necessarily, but the feeling of giving that took place in our home. It's so nice to be able to give to those we love and share in the excitement of a well spent Christmas morn. And since we had a big brunch scheduled for later in the day with the Thorup's, I chose cereal & bananas for our special breakfast as we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol. Reese's Puffs and chocolate milk for the win!

And then we all passed out a few hours later for solid Christmas naps! Excitement is exhausting.


  1. Christmas! Is that a T4i or T3i? Couldn't really tell from the picture. Do you have the 40 mm pancake lens or the Nifty Fifty? Those are two of my favorites with the Rebel video.

    1. it's the T3i and I have the 50mm! I don't have much practice yet, but am stoked to learn. i'll have to check out the pancake one, thanks!