Friday, December 6, 2013

let's get oily! info on essential oils

My sister, Melina, is my oily BFF. She started using doTerra oils a while back and has turned into something of a wizard over the last year. She even started a company called My Essential Oil Kits along with being a rep for doTERRA. I use her like google when I have essential oil questions because she's taken it upon herself to learn a plethora about them (& also make these "recipe kits" to try to help make it easier for actual use.) And she texts back really quickly with helpful suggestions when I'm in panic mode over something that's come up. I'm helping spread the word about a webinar she's hosting next Tuesday, December 10th @ 1:00pm because I believe in her and her ability to share her knowledge with you. And maybe I'll hop on and share a bowel story! But not a gross one, I promise.

You see, I run into a lot of people that have "heard" of essential oils but they don't necessarily know much about them. Or they're like ,"Oh yea! My MIL's sister's friend's cousin's boyfriend's niece was telling me about them once and I wondered what they were all about." And that's too far removed to have any actual relationship with a person who actively uses essential oils to promote a healthy life, so nice try, but no. Doesn't count. Oh, and living in Utah doesn't help, because we Utahans take everything too far when we're trying to promote something good, and then end up turning a whole bunch of people off to whatever 'it' is because we're pushers, and people don't like pushers. We should stop that, Utahans. It's not great for us. In HS my best friend refused to read Harry Potter because there were too many pushers, and that's a huge failure for society.

I actively use oils every day. For protection & prevention, for stomach aches, head aches, mood boosting, mood calming, in food, in water, to aid in digestion (especially during this pregnancy!) and all sorts of other things as well. I do not think they are a cure-all or contain magical properties that always supersede the need for actual medical intervention, but I do know that I feel pro-active and less useless with them in my pocket. And I feel like I have science and nature on my side when I actually look at the components involved with extracting plant oil. Por ejemplo, when Matt shows signs of sickness, I don't just dope him up on store bought drugs and try to "keep him comfortable" while we wait it out. Instead I rub his feet with a FluBomb mixture, make him swallow shots of Onguard and Lemon, rub Breathe on his chest and Melaleuca on his back. I make him take hot showers with Lavender scented steam to help him calm down and dab Peppermint on his temples when he starts showing signs of migraines. And it helps! Whether it's because of the actual scientific properties of essential oils (like I think), or because of the "placebo" affect (or perhaps a combination of both), we see sicknesses lasting shorter amounts of time and sometimes skip our house entirely. I use them on EZ (usually diluted since he's a child) and myself (even safe during pregnancy) all the time as well.

And guess what? Right now Lauren Brimley of Eating Whole shares her experience with using oils (especially in cooking) and Jill of Jill-K Fitness shares how she's used them not only to care for her kids, but in her fitness regime as well. And both blogs are having giveaways to win a free recipe kit or hand sanitizer! So head to Eating Whole or Jill-K Fitness and try to win something free! Or email Melina directly [] with some of your immediate concerns and she'll hit you up with some free samples ASAP. I'll make sure she's prompt in responding, since my people are important people (and you are all my people.)

Oh yes, and you should sign up for her Webinar to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and ways to have a Happier and Healthier Holiday Season, which you can watch live on Tuesday, December 10th @ 1:00 pm (or if you can't watch live, the link will be emailed to you to watch it later. Just make sure to register!)

Everyone needs a Melina in their life, but you guys have the opportunity to have the Melina: oil wizard, if you want. So take this opportunity and do something that maybe you've been "meaning to look into" and blah blah excuses exshmuses.

And feel free and ask for a nice, oily rubdown if you see me in person. I'm not uncomfortable! Bring it on!

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