Tuesday, December 17, 2013

it's grand...just holding your hand

So like two weeks ago Matt and I entered a contest via the ever holy Instagram for a free night's stay & brunch at the Grand America (you know, that 5 star fancy hotel downtown. Like the nicest place we've ever stayed because we are cheap and usually stay in like... hostels.) And HOLLER. WE WON!! We're such winners. It was the best news. And we decided to use it asap while downtown is all festive and Christmasy (and before I get even more pregnant... and then have a newborn.)  

And it's funny that I'm blogging about this wonderful, romantic weekend with just us two because we are totally cranky face at each other tonight. But that's just normal, huh? We take the highs with the cranks! And maybe after we both take a chill pill and see tons of happy pictures then we'll come around from crankytown and visit happyville again. Or something annoying and cheesy like that. 

So yeah. It was a really great weekend together and boy howdy! Fancy! That Grand America is quite the place. We checked in and geeked out over the bathroom and balcony view right away, and then headed out to eat sushi & potsticker appetizers mingled with Christmas lights and hand holding and window shopping. We caught the train back to the hotel, but not before stopping at Spitz to get some donor kebabs for dinner. We ate in our foyer overlooking our french doors and then I took a nice long bath in a tub that actually covered my round belly. Sweet, sweet tub. How I miss thee.

We slept soundly (well, Matt did. I sort of am not sleeping through the night no matter where I am) and then leisurely woke up to a huge Sunday Brunch. All on their dime! What a treat! Food was great, company was greater, and the bill at the end was greatest (we spent $8 total.)  

 Blessed be Instagram and giveaways and king size hotel beds. And grandparents!! EZ stayed & sugar high'd at his grandparent's house and had the freakin' best time. He cried when we drove home and begged to go back... so we'd call this a win win win sitch. #srslysoblessed 


  1. Gurl ur totes so blessed. I love this post. What a fun weekend getaway! I'm jealous!

  2. Carla, that second picture of you is divinity!! If you don't blow that up huge and hang it somewhere it will be a real travesty. And this post makes me so happy. I'm so glad you won that. It sounds absolutely perfect and you can bet I will refer Jamie to this post for our anniversary next year.

    1. you are so kind, abby my girl. i got a new camera and so my selfie output will be on the rise & in new, high quality HD! i'll pray for another giveaway right around your anniversary too!