Tuesday, December 3, 2013

it's december! 12 lays re-cap & gearing up for this year!

*Update - you can purchase the 12 Lays of Christmas for a small download fee right here!**
Hello party people! It's December and it snowed today and EZ has been singing songs about "navidad navidad" that he's learning at school, and we're just feeling it this year! My blogging & writing has taken a back seat this entire year, and I know I'll be sad when I look back and just didn't take the time to write enough... but oh well. What can I do?

But one thing I can't let slip by is a little recap of the 12 Lays of Christmas project from last year. Remember?! We all had way more nookie last year and everyone's smiles were so much brighter! Ha... I hope at least ;)

And yes, I've got some new poems up my sleeve if anyone is interested. My poetic talents cannot be hidden in times of naughty need! I'm just working out the kinks in a non-kinky way so I can actually make all of our holiday seasons kinkier, if you know what I mean. Matt is helping me get it all "downloadable" and what not so I don't have to send 80-100 emails like I did last year... except that was kind of fun because I was stoked anytime my phone buzzed. Sexy Christmas time! Who knew it would be so successful? (most men, probably.)

So later this week I'll post some new material for you to prep for your holiday season of lays.

But today, today I want to write a few things about last year.

It was fun. Like, fun fun. Naughty poems and sneaky times and just spending more time with Matt made our holidays brighter, and from the feedback I received - I think mostly everyone agreed. My girlfriends and I totally helped watch each others' kids for the "lunch meetups" and it was like, go get 'em girl! Because we were all in it together and it was funny and awkward and not really awkward at the same time. Also, nooners! Ha! That was really hilarious last year and I think the poem with the most stories!

I received texts from some husbands that said "YOU DESERVE SO MANY PRESENTS THIS YEAR" or "Thank you!" or "Uhhh... this is INCREDIBLE." and other funny stuff that usually other people's husband don't text me. It was funny.

+Some of the things I heard from women: (basically some "testimonials" if you will... or teste-monials if you want to go there! insert embarrassed face emoji next to cry-laughing emoji.)

"Oh my gosh - we loved this! We're definitely doing it again this year..new Christmas tradition for sure!"

"We loved this last year and I can only imagine that there will be no complaints if I pull this out again this year! I keep picturing a classic 1950s ad. 'For the man who has it all....give him what he really wants this Christmas.' "

"I'm way up for round two! My husband even more so, wink wink... My husband looked forward to the notes as much as the action.(almost)"

"Things last year went extremely well... So well that when I asked him this year what he wanted he said just sex again. That's all.You make the Christmas season happening!"

"I really liked hiding them around the apartment each day... behind his towel, on the mirror when he got out of the shower, under his pillow. And it worked great because he really liked finding them. Every time he found one was like Christmas morning."  

And then we had some really interesting conversations after Christmas with women & couples alike.... like how it was basically exhausting. And there really IS a point where a man is too tired for more. Out of a group of 5 couple friends, two of us were the only ones to hit it consecutively while others used theirs as "coupons for later" or just skipped a day because of a variety of reasons (mostly exhaustion.) The very best comment from a husband was "Have you ever broken your fast at a buffet...?" and then he waited until we understood what he was saying and we laughed until we had tears coming out of our eyes. If you've been fasting, maybe check with a doctor or something? I will not be held responsible for buffet type feasting hangovers! Ha.

Other people said they didn't do it because they started too late or for health (baby) reasons, and it's all good. Because thankfully Christmas comes every year and you have another opportunity to do it, and also it's not really about sex as much as it is about time. So whatever way you go about this, just remember it's about spending more time with your spouse. We need marriages to be stronger, and maybe just maybe this can help. Since I'm currently 7.5 months pregnant, we may take a more modified approach this year, but that doesn't mean we won't be spending good, quality time with each other. Just maybe a little less good time, and more quality. We'll see ;)

Anyway. There you have it, a recap of the first year of the 12 Lays of Christmas.

Now let's gear up for round 2!

uns.... uns.... uns....


  1. Carla T! This the most interesting approach to the holiday season I've ever seen. However unusual, count me in (and my hubby of course!). lyndee.anderson at the gmail. Thanks bunches!

  2. I can't wait to be a part of this...finally!!!!

  3. You don't know me, but I TOTALLY want in!! caitlin.tappana@gmail.com.

    You have a super cute family by the way!