Monday, December 30, 2013

glade christmas

We usually have our family parties back to back while our Kansas family is in town (we love when you visit Mark, Cass, and Porter! Sorry Guido is such a noisy dog and our basement is cold.) We moved locations last minute since the flu hit my oldest brother's family, but we crammed and party'd anyway. The kids are always rambunctious, but at least they are learning to love each other through all the fights & wrestling matches.    

Dad & Kim's party had Cafe Rio, the longest game of Bingo ever, candy sled racing (brag - our sled won), and new pajamas! 

Mom's party had delicious chicken & beef, magnetic tower building, Porter walking around with his best crank-face and getting anything he wanted, and matching clothes and toys for all the hoodlums.

Every year the parties gets nuttier as the kids get older and with grandchildren number 10 & 11 on the way this year, I guess we'll carry on with the crazy. (And the matching! Because I love matching.)

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