Thursday, December 5, 2013

as of today...

 When I look back at this time in our cell phone documented lives I'm going to think.... man, we took a lot of #selfies.

I've asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas so maybe I'll stop taking so many medium quality cell pics. It's become quite the habit.

Also, instascam has known forever, but EZ got glasses like three weeks ago and he mostly keeps them on. Cute, huh?  And Guido dog already chewed on them and I'm wondering if anyone wants to borrow a cute pug for a few years? At least until I'm like done having babies? Think it over. He's really squishy. (and I'm serious even when I'm trying to make it sound like I'm joking.)

It went from delightfully perfect Thanksgiving weather to frigid cold in less than a week's time, but boy the snow is pretty. EZ is way into it and that helps, but also it's deathly cold and makes me want to punch someone or just cry a little. Opposition in all things, Carla. Opposition in all things.

The 12 Lays are coming this weekend. I really like some of my new poems, if I can brag a little.

I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and have not once written about this pregnancy. It's really good, for the shortest synopsis ever.

EZ looks so cute holding his own shopping bag in the snow... but taking that picture maybe caused me to lose my driver's license and we may not find it until summer next year when the snow drifts actually melt. Whoops. But I did get new sweats and comfy clothes for the whole family, and Matt like can't come home fast enough to change into them. He just keeps saying stuff like "Why do we even wear anything other than comfy pants!? There is something wrong with this world of real pants." So... apparently it's been a while since he's had a nice pair of sweats because these ones are really affecting him.

This season with just the 3 of us has been pretty incredible. EZ tells the best stories and when he's not being a punk 2 year old, is really really sweet. Matt and I feel like we're in a sweet spot of life and are feeling extra thankful for it. The past few years have been great, but 2013 might be kicking the other years in the pants.

Okay okay.. one more #selfie before I end this post.

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  1. Look at his little Harry Potter scar!!!!!!! I'm going to need more information on these comfy pants. And finally, I'm glad 2013 has been so great for your sweet little family. I like you guys.