Thursday, December 19, 2013

30 weeks

This weekend marks my 30th week of this pregnancy! It's gone by so quickly and it feels like this baby boy is sneaking up on us... and pretty soon we'll have two kids and it'll be crazy awesome. {here I am at week 30 with EZ, just 'cause.}

When we found out in June (or maybe not until July actually?) that we were expecting, it was a very stressful time of life. We were so stoked to be pregnant... but it couldn't quite overshadow some of the real life stuff. We made the decision for me to go back to work more, EZ started the Spanish daycare, Matt wasn't sure about his job position... it was very hectic. I wrote about some of that stuff on my one post from September. So I never really made the connection on what was "pregnancy sick" vs. "stress/life sick" because it all meshed together. I can tell you that weeks 8-14 were rough. Almost every night I was sick, during the day I was extremely tired, and I'd just about gag at anything (especially words! my brain was hyper sensitive to detailed words.) I also had like three full weeks of TMJ/Lockjaw symptoms that made my mouth & head ache almost all day long. Stress and growing a human do such strange things to the body.

I also distinctly remember the first few weeks of this pregnancy because I was hyper aware of the extra blood pumping through my veins. I could tell my heart was working harder and often saw my stomach or chest leaping with each heartbeat... it was beautifully strange.

And then week 15 hit and Oh! What a freakin' relief. There was one night that I was air-guitaring and singing something stupid to Matt right before bed and we both had a realization that I was acting silly. Silly! I hadn't been silly for months! And although there was still gagging and some of the uncomfortable realities of pregnancy, I started feeling great. Like I finally hit a sweet spot & thankfully, it's lasted for almost the entire 15 weeks since. I didn't really "show" until around 19 weeks - and then my belly just popped right out and has been my companion ever since. I've been able to exercise 3-4x/week & have felt healthy and strong as the baby and I have progressed. Some of the worst symptoms I've dealt with are heartburn/acid re-flux (oy! popcorn is a huge culprit as well as Thanksgiving food in all of it's varieties), varicose veins are showing up mightily on my legs (it's genetics... but still annoying) and those blasted big boobies are back to stay for probably the next year and a half (it's worth it for nursing... but man alive I'm not cut out for XL ta-tas.) Just last night I had my first charlie-horse in my calf along with some uncomfortable tightening in the stomach muscles (EZ is getting heavier and it's getting more difficult to carry him around... and my body is sore by bedtime.)

However, the magic of pregnancy is very much alive. The constant movements from my little buddy, the awe of the expanding belly as it does it's thang, the way EZ says "baby bruddah" and suggests names like "computer" or "smurphy" or "super baby," or watching Matt freak out when I laugh too much and he's worried about how much I shake the baby (oh man, what this kid goes through on a daily basis with my belly-shaking antics!) Just this week as we were watching Netflix in bed (as always) the baby started moving like a maniac. Matt placed his hand on my belly and was repeatedly accosted by movement after movement that eventually freaked him out and he pulled his hand back in disbelief. My belly was like a volcano prepping for an explosion as our nearly 3lb baby boy went full on head-banging rocker status. It was funny and awesome and insane. Babies are seriously the best.

With 10 weeks left we have plenty to keep us busy and we're just hoping he doesn't surprise us too early (like our 37 week first born child.)  And let's all keep the positive VBAC vibes coming my way. We're going to try to avoid C-section this time if we have any say in the matter, so I'm sending that out to the universe now in an effort of preparedness.

And all I have to document my growth are crummy iPhone photos and mirror'd reflections. [note to self: try harder.] weeks 20//22//23//25x3//26//28x2
Grow baby, grow!

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