Monday, November 25, 2013

what i've been reading/listening to lately

last week i decided to re-paint and re-decorate my house.

i've known for a while that i wanted something different, but things came together last week to actually make me pull the trigger. four walls, a door, and a railing are newly painted. the rug will be here this week and i'm already looking at another one for the dining area. i've enlisted help from my talented people to help me finish it before january.  it was so therapeutic to paint (especially when my best girl Rac helped me and we chatted uninterrupted for hours.)

i checked out from a lot of social media stuff and just got to work. nesting in full force, you could say. but mostly it was because my teal wall didn't ever match with my christmas decorations, so i figured if i was changing things, i should do it before i pulled out my greens and reds that accompany the holiday.

i've also given myself a goal to get crack-a-lackin' on some picture books, and i have deadlines for coupons that keep me glued to pages and pages of photos of my once six month old EZ Red. holy smokes i took so many. it's making my books large and taking so much time, but i can't in good conscious bring another baby into this world when i'm so backed up on family albums. my mother's blood running through my system won't allow it. thus, i'm spending time on that instead of current updates. always giving up something it seems.

here are some things i've read or listened to that i've found interesting:

*podcast: this american life: The Seven Things You're Not Supposed to Talk About. i agree with so much of what was talked about because we humans are really good at boring each other. small talk is weird and it's funny how we've adapted to make certain topics popular or common. my favorite line was when she said "well, you can talk to your family about this if you care to bore them." haha. i like the idea of following "language rules" because i think we heavily under utilize our language capabilities (and over-utilize annoying words and topics.)

*podcast: radiolab: Dawn of Midi. when this first started i was so annoyed by the music, but then i found myself totally entranced and think maybe i'd like to birth to this type of music.

*podcast: radiolab: Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl. i think the majority of people (especially white people) would totally be on the adoptive couple's side... but this podcast went way deeper. i admit na├»vety when it comes to native american culture, but this is was an interesting peek inside.

*podcast: radiolab: 23 Weeks 6 Days. i listened to this when i actually was 23 weeks pregnant (so 3 weeks ago), and it was nuts. humans are so fragile yet strong.

*podcast: ted radio hour: Believers and Doubters. i have come to an understanding that faith and doubt are the same emotion and require the same amount of effort, it just depends on which side one takes. and i read somewhere recently that fear is not the opposite of faith (like i'd previously thought), but certainty is the opposite of faith. and actually, certainty is the opposite of doubt too. i think we're too quick to label something as "certain" when we are trying to make a point (especially in regards to faith and religion.)

*on a mormon note, i'm very excited about the announcement about the new general women's meeting (and i was disappointed that no one at church was actually talking about it), and i think neylan mcbaine addresses excellent points on how this is a great change. (and actually i love everything neylan mcbaine says because she writes what my mormon brain is pondering, just more beautifully.)

*i recently finished My Story from Elizabeth Smart and can't stop thinking about it. it's made me on edge about people a little bit (and security of my house, car, husband, and child), but also given me so much hope. she's amazing and her interview at mormon women project was also a nice read.

*scriptures: moroni 7: 40-48, specifically verse 45 speaking about charity. "And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." i want to embody charity more, and here are my instructions on how-to.

*and on a funnier note... podcast: radiolab: Poop Train! i used some of this info as a fun fact while i was teaching a lesson in YW, and the girls thought i was so random. 


  1. Pictures or it didn't happen - and I'm offended you didn't come to me for a rug. Jk ... no but really.

  2. I love love love this post. I always love a good podcast and Radiolab is one of my favorites, but I've loved getting into Mormon media as well. I heard about that Elizabeth Smart book a while ago, but I totally forgot about it. I'm gong to order it right now. Have you read "Heaven is Here" by nienie? I'm curious to know what you think of it, if you've read it (I haven't). Also, if you're interested, one of my favorite podcasts is The Cultural Hall. It's a Mormon podcast (if you couldn't tell) that can be kind of goofy, but talks about a lot of serious topics and things happening in the church--homosexuality, women and the priesthood, recovering porn addictions--lots of good stuff. If you're interested in Mormon media things, check it out!

    1. I never did read Nie Nie's book... I heard it was beautiful and I'd probably read it if someone lent it to me, but I don't know I'll go get it by myself. I sometimes listen to Fem Mormon Housewives podcasts if I like the guests, and Mormon Stories is pretty good too (the Fiona & Terryl Givens interview from last year is a favorite), but haven't listened to The Cultural Hall much- so I'll check it out! Thanks girl!