Sunday, November 10, 2013

slowing down

EZ has been refusing the stroller lately, so when we walk around the neighborhood we walk at his pace... which is slow.

I guess it's good though because the snow hasn't fallen yet and the slower we walk, the more time we have to pick up leaves and throw them in the road. Or crunch them beneath our feet. Or punch the bad guys in the sky (because he's really into "punching bad guys.")

We usually walk around the block or to the school down the road for some slide time, and then EZ eventually gets tired of walking and he asks "I ride mama?" and of course I let him because I'm the biggest pushover. Except for sometimes when I'm not, because occasionally he asks and I say "you have legs...use them!" I may be a pushover, but I still understand tough love.

We kept the butterfly band-aids on for a week and yes he'll definitely have a scar, but his forehead is healing up just fine from his fall last week. Thank goodness for resilient little bodies.

Also, resilient big bodies. Like pregnant resilient bodies. I'm getting bigger up front, so I'm having to find creative ways to carry this 32 pound sack of cute. Shoulders are ideal, and then this weekend I tried our ergo carrier with EZ on my back and it was awesome. I was like a strong pack mule! Like some native woman who carries two babies and water on her head while also walking her dog and picking up his poop! I liked it.

Matt went on a golf trip this weekend where they absurdly played like 72 holes in 2 days and barely slept, but that meant EZ and I had some time to ourselves. We not only walked the dog, but we watched The Goofy Movie and ate popcorn and snuggled and it was really sweet. He kept laughing because he liked when Goofy danced and he meticulously ate one piece of popcorn at a time.

Matt also did this cute thing where he hid little snack bags of PB M&Ms around the house and then left me "riddles" to find them. He just gets me.

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  1. Hidden snack bags and punching bad guys. EZ makes me so excited to be the momma of a baby boy I can't even stand it.