Sunday, November 3, 2013

one last Disney post to get it out of our system

Wednesday: EZ woke up with a fever and his little body seemed to be recovering from so much go go go from the first three days. We walked over to California Adventure after he finally woke up, but by the time we got there he was already pale and in need of a nap, so Grandma took him & a few other little kiddies back to the hotel for naps so we parents could play. We hit all the big rides (yes, I checked with my doc & she said it was cool even at 18 weeks pregnant...I think my dancing is more dangerous than riding an elevator...) We especially enjoyed Tower of Terror & Splash Mountain because how could you not. Cars Land is SO FREAKING AMAZING it boggles my mind. My little brother Mark is an engineer and he was floored the whole time about all the tiny details that make everything function so cohesively. EZ re-joined us in the afternoon and seemed very chipper and awake (for about three hours until he conked out asleep again.) My mom successfully brought over 2 strollers with 4 kids three and under (plus all their junk) by herself. It was a pretty funny story of how she did it, but very impressive. Thanks Grandma! We watched the Pixar parade and once again it was magical and the kids were wide-eyed and happy. EZ was so excited to see "super mom! and super dad!" and his Toy Story friends that he didn't even want any ice cream (who does that?)

Then we took EZ to Cars Land and he met Mater and Lightning McQueen and we had the best time on Luigi's Tires and I wasn't sure we could handle any more happiness... but then the neon lights came on and we were hit with more happy. Oh, the happy! And then we got prime bridge spots for World of Color and EZ fell asleep in Matt's arms and about half of my family gathered around to watch this incredible spectacle and I just want to kiss Walt Disney on the mouth for making such a spectacular place. I'm just so glad it exists. And World of Color? GET OUT OF HERE. It was incredible. Like, HOW? People have really cool brains.

Thursday: My 28th birthday! Also known as that one time when I should have had the best birthday and it ended up mostly terrible... wah wah. But! Not all terrible. Matt and I went to breakfast at Coco's (holy cinnamon french toast and pumpkin pancakes! I ate so much food and was so very happy) while EZ feverishly slept at the hotel. Poor kid woke up sick and cranky and it was very sad. But shortly after we got back from eating, his fever had broken and he seemed like he'd be up for another day at Disneyland - so we headed over. He lasted a few hours and then the most epic meltdown tantrum of his life started... and didn't end for 4 hours. FOUR. Oyyyyy. It was rough. And when your kid is screaming so much (and nothing in the world will soothe him) it totally makes the parents fight.... which we did.... and then you have a whole house divided and everyone has meltdowns and nothing is accomplished. Especially not magic. (Everyone else was enjoying their last day at the parks.... which made our sad faces sadder.)

After some tears and some swimming in the hot tub, EZ finally opened his mouth and showed us two brand spanking new 2-year-old molars. Molars! Dirty turds. We tried to salvage what we could with some Tony Roma's on the hotel room floor and some TV... but I will admit it took some major time to get over disappointment. Sort of an it's my party and I'll cry if I want to disappointment. But hey, Matt works for Disney! Have I annoyingly and repeatedly mentioned that enough over the last 2 months? So thankfully we will have another opportunity for a re-do one day and so we won't keep crying over spilled milk.

We decided to straight shoot it on the drive home to get EZ back to his own bed asap, so Friday we spent all day in the car. It was actually mostly enjoyable and we only had one throw-up incident (this kid gets motion sickness just like his mother...) but we had the bucket ready and no one even got dirty. Matt and I had plenty of time to talk while EZ slept and watched movies, and we'll mostly remember the great times from the trip.

And scene.

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